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Dear friends and guests of our small Bella Vista Hotel!

We are back again, and so happy to Welcome you again at your holiday-home in our beautiful mountains. We can’t wait to enjoy magical hours in the nature together with you guests.

At the end of may we are again able to open our doors for you and Welcome you in our little paradise.

We are planning by far one of your best family summer vacations. We promise to look after your heath, we want to do our best in those times and still provide you a safe and relaxing vacation. Therefore we made changes for your safety and health system. Anyway: Trafoi is a place for you to calm down, a place to reenergize right in the alpine nature, enjoying healthy fresh mountain air.

We probably won’t be able to do certain activities, but therefore we are going to enjoy those few even more.

But we will do the most possible to offer you a healthful and remarkable holiday.

The world is changed, but we and our beautiful surrounds are still the same and WE ARE READY TO WELCOME YOU.

Your family Thöni and team

In the meantime enjoy on Instagram our amazing pictures:



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Golden age

The light is refracted in the snow. Sparkling crystals wink along the sides of the trail. The eyes alternately fall upon gentle slopes, glittering ice giants and azure blue celestial fields. Majestic peaks shine in brilliant white; the sleeping countryside rests underfoot. Inside the houses it’s nice and warm, and the company is good.

It's winter here. Sweet nostalgia has enchanted this place. It lives up to every visitor’s personal vision of a winter wonderland: charge down the ski slopes or walk quietly through the enchanted forest. Whatever your heart desires, this winter world offers it up to you – with all the attendant pleasures. Of course skiing is a huge part of winter, and it’s also one of the main things that brings guests to us.

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