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Dear friends and guests of our small Bella Vista Hotel!

We are back again, and so happy to Welcome you again at your holiday-home in our beautiful mountains. We can’t wait to enjoy magical hours in the nature together with you guests.

At the end of may we are again able to open our doors for you and Welcome you in our little paradise.

We are planning by far one of your best family summer vacations. We promise to look after your heath, we want to do our best in those times and still provide you a safe and relaxing vacation. Therefore we made changes for your safety and health system. Anyway: Trafoi is a place for you to calm down, a place to reenergize right in the alpine nature, enjoying healthy fresh mountain air.

We probably won’t be able to do certain activities, but therefore we are going to enjoy those few even more.

But we will do the most possible to offer you a healthful and remarkable holiday.

The world is changed, but we and our beautiful surrounds are still the same and WE ARE READY TO WELCOME YOU.

Your family Thöni and team

In the meantime enjoy on Instagram our amazing pictures:



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- Bella Vista Hotel
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All offers at a glance

Trafoi ski school

Trafoi ski schoolSkiing with the whole family

The edges crunch as they grip the snow; the heart laughs with joy. Skiing is the cherry atop the cake of winter – especially if your family holiday takes place immersed in the mountains around King Ortler and under the radiant winter sun. Gustav Thöni and his energetic professional instructors are there for anyone who really wants to start off skiing right. These highly trained ski instructors will follow your first attempts carefully. Modern teaching methods and, of course, having fun in a group are real guarantees of success.

Mini ski bunnies welcome!

Mom and Dad enjoy a day of skiing for two; the little ones, meanwhile, are learning to stand on their own two skis. At the ski kindergarten of the Gustav Thöni Ski School in Trafoi, your kids are in the best hands. Snowplowing and rides on the magic carpet, just in front of our hotel, are part of the training program – as are light wedeln turns and fearless descents. Under the watchful eye of the ski instructors, it’s an easy task. So learning to ski is guaranteed!

Skiing lessons / prices 2020/2021

  • Group lessons from Monday to Friday for children (age 4+) and adults of all levels.
  • On Fridays: Final race with prize giving celebration in the evening
  • At least 4 participants are required. The lessons take place from 10 am to 12.00 noon.
  • With less than 4 participants the lessons may be shortened.
Group lessons for children
Group lessons for children
(age 4+) and adults, from Monday to Friday
With less than 3 participants the lessons may be shortened.
1 day 10 am - 12 noon € 50,00
2 days 10 am - 12 noon € 75,00
3 days 10 am - 12 noon € 95,00
4 days 10 am - 12 noon € 110,00
5 days 10 am - 12 noon € 120,00
On Fridays the lessons finish with a final race at noon.
Ski kindergarten
Ski kindergarten
Monday to Friday, 10 am to 15 pm
Skiing lessons at the practice slope „Gustav Thöni“, afterwards lunch
and day care until 3 pm from Bella Vista (For children aged 4+)
5 days 10 am - 3 pm € 120,00
Please note that the fees for using the skiing lift (conveyor belt) are
not included in the prices for the skiing lessons. The skiing pass can be
purchased directly at the skiing lift (conveyor belt).
Snowboarding lessons
Snowboarding lessons
Start from Monday - Friday from 10 am – 12 noon
(min. 3 participants)
3 days 10 am - 12 noon € 105,00 
4 days 10 am - 12 noon € 120,00
5 days 10 am - 12 noon € 135,00
Private lessons
Private lessons
No matter if you want to gain some first experience with skiing or
snowboarding or if you wish to bring your style to perfection.
A private lesson is 55 min. and can be booked daily between 10 am and 4 pm.
1 person € 45,00 (+ 10 Euro for 1 another person)
2 persons € 55,00  
3 persons € 65,00  
4 persons € 75,00  
Kids programs and lessons
Kids programs and lessons
  skiing lessons
10 am – 12 noon
skiing lessons
with child day care
lunch included
10 am – 3 pm
1 day € 50,00 € 50,00
2 days € 75,00 € 75,00
3 days € 95,00 € 95,00
4 days € 110,00 € 110,00
5 days € 120,00 € 120,00
To register for the kids skiing lessons, please drop by at the ski school’s office
“naturatrafoi”, every Saturday and Sunday from 4.30 pm to 6 pm, or contact us:
T +39 0473 611716 hotel@bella-vista.it
Special offers
Special offers
Happy Family
children up to 14 years
23.01. - 30.01.21 and
06.03. - 13.03.21
skipass 45 Euro - 14 years
€ 110,00
Couple week 16.01. - 23.01.21
13.03. - 20.03.21 30% discount
on the second person
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