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Enjoying nature, wholesome cuisine and fine wines

Relaxing at the Stelvio Pass

Let us pamper you after a day in a spectacular mountain world: peace returns to the body, the mind resets, and the soul smiles. Filled with the moment and kissed by the Muse. Treat yourself to some TLC. Indulge in a soothing massage, letting tight muscles release and forgetting all about time and space. Allow the cleansing effect of heat and water to work its magic during a session in the Finnish sauna (indoor and outdoor) or in the Turkish steam bath. Then, spend a few minutes unwinding in the outdoor hot tub. Finally get back in touch with yourself and experience a strong sense of wellbeing. In harmony with yourself, in the heart of the Alps.

Our alpine cuisine

Flavorful, straightforward, authentic.

The Alpine landscape is the purveyor of flavor, and the great cuisines of the world are a source of inspiration. Carefully selected local agricultural products serve as a foundation, topped off with a dash of sophistication. So the much-loved South Tyrolean Knödel dumpling, in its many forms, is on the menu right next to proper Italian spaghetti – served al dente, of course. A unique culinary combination predominates here. Two cultures together on one plate: Mediterranean lightness and Alpine heartiness are fused, creating a very distinctive local cuisine.

Enjoying Alto Adige wines with all the senses

Award-Winning and Rare Wines

The Bella Vista Hotel’s wine cellar boasts one carefully selected label after another. Made from grapes ripened at the sunny vineyards of Lake Kaltern, in the picturesque hills around Merano or under the hot Sicilian sun. Fine wines, which are served for dinner and will send your taste buds on a journey – across the world of total satisfaction. An ideal accompaniment to culinary treats and a sublime experience at the dining table. The focus is mainly on South Tyrolean (Alto Adige) wines, of course: from classic local labels to award-winning wines and rarities, Bella Vista has everything your heart and palate desire.

Did you know that the wines of Alto Adige are recognized internationally? In recent years, all of the leading wine guides give Alto Adige wines the highest of scores. A small winegrowing area with a great deal of diversity.

Exclusive wine tastings

Once a week, Stephan takes Bella Vista guests on a “little wine journey through South Tyrol.” This wine tasting engages all of the senses: visual stimuli are very important for describing wines, and the senses of smell and taste are crucial. At Bella Vista, you can sharpen your wine tasting skills in a fun way, and learn about the wines of Alto Adige at the same time.

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