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Dear friends and guests of our small Bella Vista Hotel!

We are back again, and so happy to Welcome you again at your holiday-home in our beautiful mountains. We can’t wait to enjoy magical hours in the nature together with you guests.

At the end of may we are again able to open our doors for you and Welcome you in our little paradise.

We are planning by far one of your best family summer vacations. We promise to look after your heath, we want to do our best in those times and still provide you a safe and relaxing vacation. Therefore we made changes for your safety and health system. Anyway: Trafoi is a place for you to calm down, a place to reenergize right in the alpine nature, enjoying healthy fresh mountain air.

We probably won’t be able to do certain activities, but therefore we are going to enjoy those few even more.

But we will do the most possible to offer you a healthful and remarkable holiday.

The world is changed, but we and our beautiful surrounds are still the same and WE ARE READY TO WELCOME YOU.

Your family Thöni and team

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A long tradition of warm hospitality

"Unterm Ortler" hospitality since 1875

In 1875, Ludwig Ortler (Gustav Thöni’a great-grandfather) built a guesthouse in Trafoi: Zur schönen Aussicht. His son, Frederick Ortler, ran the inn during the First World War. Just before the Second World War, Gustav Ortler took over the inn, followed by his sister Anna Ortler and Georg Thöni, the parents of Gustav Thöni. During the time that Gustav was actively working as an athlete and coach within the skiing world his cousin, whom he called “Tante (Aunt) Adele,” and his father, Georg, managed the Bella Vista Hotel.

Since the 1990s, the fifth generation of the Gustav Thöni family has run Bella Vista Hotel with a great deal of joy and passion. They have continuously developed and renovated this Alpine boutique hotel, a harmonious fusion of the old and the new. Even in the entryway of the hotel, stone and wood form a successful ensemble: tradition and modernity come together here in a very stylish way. No detail is left to chance.

A team of dedicated staff members devotes itself to the needs of guests. At Bella Vista, the positive atmosphere and energy can be felt at every turn. Every member of the Bella Vista team has or her special role when it comes to caring for guests: Petra Maria Thöni manages the reception desk and supervises the Bella Vista team. The always-charming Ingrid Thöni looks after the guests. In winter, Gustav Thöni takes hotel guests skiing; in summer, he goes Nordic walking with them or takes them on long hikes. Stephan, Petra’s husband, conducts tastings of fine wines and leads excursions to his favorite places with the families and their children. Carmen, the friendly voice on the telephone, provides a very helpful hand at the reception desk. Rimi and Robert are responsible for Bella Vista’s delicious cuisine, delighting guests with Alpine-Mediterranean dishes. Doris and Eva serve Bella Vista guests at the bar and in the dining room. The Bear Club team watches over and entertains its troupe of happy children.

Everyone has his or her own individual task, but everyone has the same goal: to take care of the Bella Vista guests, and ensure an unforgettable holiday!

Welcome to the Bella Vista!
Gustav Thöni Family

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