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- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel- Bella Vista Hotel
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Bella Vista Hotel

Truly a beautiful view

The journey to Trafoi from the Venosta/Vinschgau Valley is awe-inspiring in and of itself. Spectacular glaciers shimmer against a blue sky. You can almost reach out and touch the rocky panorama, an Alpine film to be enjoyed free of charge. Mother Nature is still the leading lady here in this lovely little corner of the earth, nestled between rugged mountain peaks. As soon as you arrive at the Bella Vista Hotel, you’ll want to relax and stay awhile – here, at the foot of Mount Ortler, the highest peak in South Tyrol.

Alpine luxury and comfortable elegance permeate the rooms of this Alpine boutique hotel in Trafoi. Lovingly renovated in a rustic style, the hotel follows the signs of the times – but steps gingerly along the way. The hoteliers are deeply rooted in South Tyrolean traditions at heart yet always remain open to new ideas. The Gustav Thöni family manages the Bella Vista Hotel in South Tyrol with a great deal of dedication and with warm hearts. This is the type of honest, genuine hospitality that one can feel in a palpable way.

10 good reasons

to spend your holiday at the Bella Vista in South Tyrol

Rejuvenate in a panoramic spot

1) Rejuvenate in a panoramic spot

This corner of the world seems as if it were made for relaxation. Surrounded by lush meadows and green forests, the Bella Vista offers unobstructed views of South Tyrol’s highest mountains: the Ortler Group. This Alpine boutique hotel is located in the village of Trafoi, inside Stelvio National Park. It allows guests a rare opportunity: to regain energy from the mountains and to reawaken the senses in simple ways, for example, by listening to the mesmerizing sound of an Alpine stream. Now that’s a vacation.

Alpine elegance: fusion of tradition and modernity

2) Alpine elegance: fusion of tradition and modernity

Tradition and modernity have found true harmony at the Bella Vista Hotel. This combination not only makes the atmosphere aesthetically pleasing but also inspires relaxation, whether you’re enjoying a cocktail in the Eisbar, relaxing in the Stube und Lounge or warming yourself at one of the modern, open fireplaces. As you marvel at the spectacular mountains through the picture window in the dining room, their peaks seem close enough to touch!

Dining: alpine & mediterranean specialties

3) Dining: alpine & mediterranean specialties

Flavorful, straightforward, authentic: the Alpine landscape is the purveyor of flavor, and the great cuisines of the world are a source of inspiration. Our magicians in the kitchen skillfully conjure up authentic dishes using meticulously selected local agricultural products as a base, and topping them off with a dash of Mediterranean sophistication.

Wine cellar

4) Wine cellar

At the Bella Vista, you’ll enjoy wine at its very best. Featuring rare and award-winning wines, the list focuses on wines from South Tyrol – known most commonly in the wine world as Alto Adige wines. These wines will delight even the most demanding of connoisseurs. Weekly wine tastings provide insight into South Tyrol’s intriguing and high-quality wines: look, smell, taste ... and come to love.

A paradise for families and children

5) A paradise for families and children

Just in front of the Bella Vista is a large children's playground (5,000 m²), where your children can do pretty much everything their hearts desire: swinging, sliding, jumping, building sandcastles and playing on the water. The Bella Vista world is a happy world.

  • Family suites for spacious living
  • 40 hours of childcare per week
  • Swimming pond with a real raft – guaranteed fun for the whole family
  • Kinderalm – an Alm alpine farm just for the kids
  • Drive across the meadows on a Kettcar or Bobby Car
  • Winter: Bunny slope right in front of the hotel
  • Summer: adventure-filled hikes for children and adults
  • Farm visit: cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and sheep ... all looking forward to be being fed by the children.
A stone’s throw from the Hotel: hiking, biking and skiing

6) A stone’s throw from the Hotel: hiking, biking and skiing

In summer, the most beautiful hiking and cycling trails lead directly from the Bella Vista Hotel out into the stunning scenery around Mount Ortler. There is a comprehensive range of hiking options, as well as varied cycling trails for all levels of skill – all located right on the front doorstep.

In winter, all you have to do is go outside of the hotel and you’re right on the slopes: the Gustav Thöni Lift gives children and beginners a chance to practice their first turns and refine their technique. The family ski area at Trafoi, meanwhile, is situated just 200 meters away. Short on distance but long on fun – guaranteed!

Guided tours

7) Guided tours

Summer Hiking: weekly guided hikes amidst the extraordinary nature of Stelvio National Park

Winter Hiking: weekly guided snowshoe tours into the wintry forest, running directly from the hotel

Alpine Wellness

8) Alpine Wellness

Nothing caps off a long hike or intense day of skiing better than a great massage. Relax in the sauna and enjoy herbal steam vaporization in the indoor or outdoor sauna, just next to the refreshing lake. Savor the Alpine landscape as you soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi, which is heated to 33 degrees Celsius; then cool off in the invigorating lake, fed by pure spring water.

Pristine nature: Stelvio National Park

9) Pristine nature: Stelvio National Park

Nature as far as the eye can see. Trafoi looks like it jumped right out of a nature book: beautiful scenery, sparkling streams, plunging waterfalls, shady forests, blissful tranquility, rolling Alpine meadows and precipitous rocks covered by eternal ice.

The park’s plant life will amaze you. The biodiversity of the flowers, plants and herbs is as spectacular as it is rare: those who look closely will find Turk's cap lilies, fragrant orchids, lady’s slipper orchids and wild tiger lilies as well as arnica, gentian and edelweiss.

In addition you’ll find wildlife that has nearly been lost: this is the natural habitat of deer, Roe deer, eagles, bearded vultures, ibex, chamois, foxes and hares. At Bella Vista, in fact, we always say a symbolic “Good Night” to the foxes and rabbits in front of the hotel.

Friendly hosts: Gustav Thöni and his family

10) Friendly hosts: Gustav Thöni and his family

The fifth generation of the Gustav Thöni family runs the Bella Vista Hotel with a great deal of joy and passion. The staff members take care of guests with dedication and zeal. Every step of the way, Bella Vista guests will encounter a good atmosphere and positive energy.

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