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Dear friends and guests of our small Bella Vista Hotel!

This winter the ski slopes are waiting for us!!! We can finally enjoy the snow-covered mountains again, admire the sunset from the summit and then ski down to the valley. A little break in the ski huts and then continue skiing until our legs can't take it anymore. Winter in South Tyrol is all about safety. Here are the measures for a safe and carefree skiing holiday:

  • access to the ski areas is permitted with a Green Pass
  • for the closed lifts you need a surgical or a FFP2 mask
  • a distance of 1 metre must be guaranteed
  • If possible, you should buy your ski pass online
  • The lifts are sanitized frequently and a sufficient ventilation is guaranteed

Gondolas and cable cars are used to 80% capacity, chairlifts to 100% capacity (80% when the cupola is closed). In refreshment facilities apply the same safety regulations as in bars and restaurants.

No Green Pass is required for children under 12.

With the necessary safety measures, we warmly welcome you to enjoy winter in South Tyrol.


We look forward to welcoming you back to our slopes soon.

Your family Thöni and team

In the meantime enjoy on Instagram our amazing pictures:



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Ski legends

Stars on skis

A flurry of camera flashes, excited reporters and a beaming victor: In the 1970s Gustav Thöni was the focus of media attention, and the press flocked around the successful ski racer from Trafoi. Together with the best skiers in the world, such as Piero Gros, Ingemar Stenmark and Hansi Hinterseer, Gustav attracted many enthusiastic fans to watch on TV or even attend the competitions.

Here is a selection of athletes, coaches, friends and companions of Gustav Thöni, who accompanied him throughout his career. They were all the idols of an entire generation, and are skiing legends who form part of the sport’s rich history:

Alfons Thoma
Allein Penz
Annemarie Moser & Gustav Thöni
Annemarie Moser-Pröll
Bernhard Russi
Bruno Nöckler & Gustav Thöni
Bruno Nöckler
Claudia Giordani
Erik Hacker
Erwin Stricker
Fernando Ochoa
Franz Klammer & Gustav Thöni
Franz Klammer
Giuliano Besson
Gustav with his father and his first coach Georg Thöni
Gustav Thöni & Ingemar Stenmark, (1975)
Gustav Thöni, F. Ochoa, Roland Thöni
Gustav and Hansi Hinterseer
Heini Hemmi
Henri Duvilard
Herbert Plank
Ingemar Stenmark
Jean Noel Augert
Karl Schranz
Leonardo David
Marc Ghirardelli, Annemari Moser, Gustav Thöni
Mario Cottelli
Paolo De Chiesa
Patrik Rusell
Peter Mally
Piero Gross & Fausto Radici
Roland Colimbin
Roland Thöni, Cousin
Rosa Maria Quario
Rosi Mittermaier
Sepp Messner
Walter Schwienbacher
Walter Tresch
Werner Griesmann
Blue Avalanche, Team 1
Blue Avalanche, Team 2
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