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The Blue Avalanche

The italian Bonanza

The heyday of Italian skiing: between 1971 and 1975, the Azzurri eclipsed everyone. At the top was Gustav Thöni, with two gold medals at the World Championships in St. Moritz, in addition to gold and silver at the Olympics in Innsbruck and Sapporo.

The 1973 World Cup of Skiing in Berchtesgaden was spectacular. Italian ski racers occupied the first five places: Piero Gros, Gustav Thöni, Erwin Stricker, Helmut Schmalzl and Tino Pietrogiovanna. All Italians on the podium, truly a sensation! From then on, the press dubbed this era the Valanga Azzurra (Blue Avalanche).

Giant slalom Bertesgaden from 7 January 1974:

  • Piero Gros ITA (2:07.00)
  • Gustav Thöni ITA (2:09.23)
  • Erwin Stricker ITA (2:09.83)
  • Helmuth Schmalzl ITA (2:10.48)
  • Tino Pietrogiovanna ITA (2:10.77)
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