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- Bella Vista Hotel
- Bella Vista Hotel
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General terms and conditions

General Validity of the reservation only with deposit:
A reservation is considered valid only after a confirmation in written form by the guest and a deposit of 200€ per reservation. (The deposit can either be transferred to our bank account or, with your written consent, we will debit the deposit from your credit card.) This definite reservation is considered to be a declaration of agreement with our conditions and contract terms.

Travel Insurance:
Sometimes unfortunate things happen quickly and unexpectedly. If these things occur just in advance of a holiday, it can end up being very expensive: EU standards dictate that cancellation charges may be applied in the case of a cancelled stay, late arrival or early departure. We recommend that you take out our trip-cancellation insurance in order to save yourself from a financial loss should the unexpected occur; the cost of a holiday that you cannot or are only partially able to enjoy would then be covered by European travel insurance. Our cancellation insurance gives you financial peace of mind.

Our cancellation fees:
If you do not have any travel insurance

If you cancel 30 days before departure, we charge a fixed fee of € 200.
If you cancel within 30 - 14  days before departure, we charge 70% of the total cost of the booking.
If you cancel within 14  days before departure, we charge 80% of the total cost of the booking.
If you cancel on the day of arrival, arrive late or depart early then the charge is 100% of the daily rate, according to the booking, for the days that you did not stay, in compliance with Italy’s hotel regulations.
If you don’t arrive by 8:00 p.m. and don’t notify us about your late arrival, the reservation will be cancelled and the above fees will be applied.

Packages and flat rates:
Unused services of packages or flat rates cannot be deducted from the flat rate or package price.

All discounts and rebates are not cumulative (neither among each other nor with our offers and packages).

Check in and check out:
Check In: from 2PM on the day of arrival (office is manned until 10PM)
Check Out: until 10AM on the day of departure

Shuttle service:
If you are travelling by public transport, we will be happy to pick you up from the Spondinig station on your arrival and bring you there safely on the day of your departure. The shuttle service is always available on request.

Parking directly in front of the hotel, there is a parking garage for a fee of 10€ per day

Single room supplement: 17,00 per day

Overnight stay with only breakfast:
we deduct 10% of the initial price (accommodation with half board)

Smoking is forbidden in public buildings throughout Italy. There is also a strict smoking ban in our family hotel Bella Vista! For this purpose, you can use our terrace.

15 € a day will be charged for a dog, food excluded. The dog owner also has to bring their own blanket and bowl for the dog. No dogs are allowed in the whole wellness area and not in the big dining room.
*If there will be any stains or damages, costs for extra cleaning or replacement will be charged on your bill.

For a rental fee of 8 Euro you can borrow bathrobes at the reception.

Room key:
Please leave the room key at the reception on departure. If you accidentally take the keys with you, please return them as soon as possible.
If only one room key is missing, we do not only have to replace that single door, but there will also be considerable costs, which we may have to charge you for.

Payment of the final bill:
EC-Card/Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and cash up to 3.000 €

Forgotten clothing or other items:
If any clothing or other items are left behind on departure, we will be happy to send them to you. In order to cover the postage costs, even for smaller parcels, the minimum charge is 20.00 Euro. If valuables are insured, there will be additional costs.



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